Hi! I'm Andrea, your literacy coach and consultant dedicated to empowering elementary classroom teachers. I provide accessible, ongoing, online professional development customized to meet the diverse needs of your students. With the demands of modern education, you may not have time to master all the facets of effective reading instruction. That's where I come in - I've done the research, have years of experience, and am here to guide you. Together, we'll ensure every student in your classroom can thrive, regardless of curriculum or teaching style.

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Welcome to Elm Tree Education!

IĀ provideĀ online literacy instruction coaching and consulting services to teachers nationwide. With a deep passion for literacy instruction,Ā my mission is to support teachers in reaching ALLĀ learners in their classrooms. Whether it's one-on-one coaching, online courses, or "flipped classroom" programs,Ā I take a personalized approach to help you excel as an educator. Let's work together to create a brighter future for our students.Ā 
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Dec 05, 2023

Reading for Joy

Dec 12, 2023

Got questions about reading or writing instruction?Ā 

I have crafted an anonymous survey to gatherĀ questions that teachers may have regarding literacy instruction. Particularly those questions they may hesitate to ask colleagues due toĀ feeling like they "should already know" the answers.

These inquiries will be the foundation for engaging blog posts, captivating LitĀ Bits video segments, and content shared exclusively with mailing list subscribers. Just click the button below and submit your questions!

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